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Luke 22:66Luke 22:71

B. Judged

1. By the Jewish Sanhedrin

66 And when it became day, the assembly of the elders of the people, both achief priests and scribes, were gathered together, and they led Him away to their 1Sanhedrin, saying,

67 aIf You are the bChrist, tell us. But He said to them, If I tell you, you shall by no means believe;

68 And if I ask you, you shall by no means answer.

69 But from now on the 1Son of Man will be seated at the aright hand of the power of God.

70 And they all said, Are You then the 1Son of God? And He said to them, aYou say rightly that I am.

71 And they said, What further need do we have of testimony? For we have heard it ourselves from His mouth.