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Matthew 9:9Matthew 9:13

4. Rejoicing with the Sinners

9 aAnd as Jesus passed on from there, He saw a man sitting at the tax office, called 1bMatthew, and He said to him, 2cFollow Me. And he rose and 3followed Him.

10 And as He was reclining at table in the 1house, behold, many 2atax collectors and bsinners came and reclined together with Jesus and His disciples.

11 And when the 1Pharisees saw it, they said to His disciples, 2Why does your Teacher eat with the tax collectors and sinners?

12 Now when He heard this, He said, Those who are strong have no need of a 1physician, but those who are 2ill.

13 But go and 1learn what this means, a"I desire 2mercy and not bsacrifice,'' for I did not come to call the 3crighteous, but dsinners.