The New Testament
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Mark 14:43Mark 14:52

IV. The Death and Resurrection
of the Slave-Savior for the
Accomplishing of God's Redemption

A. His Death

1. Arrested

43 And aimmediately, while He was still bspeaking, cJudas, one of the twelve, appeared, and with him a crowd with swords and clubs, from the chief priests and the scribes and the elders.

44 Now the one who was abetraying Him had given them a signal, saying, Whomever I kiss, He is the one. Seize Him and lead Him away securely.

45 And when he came, he aimmediately approached Him and said, bRabbi! and ckissed Him affectionately.

46 And they laid hands on Him and aseized Him.

47 But a certain 1one of those standing by drew his asword and struck the slave of the high priest, and took off his ear.

48 And Jesus answered and said to them, Have you come out as against a robber with swords and clubs to arrest Me?

49 Day after day I was with you in the 1temple 2ateaching and you did not seize Me. But may the bScriptures be cfulfilled.

50 And they all aleft Him and fled.

51 And a certain young man was accompanying Him, clothed with a linen cloth over his naked body; and they seized him.

52 But he left the linen cloth behind and fled naked.