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Mark 14:32Mark 14:42

5. Experiencing Gethsemane --
Charging the Disciples to Watch and Pray

32 1And they came to a place named Gethsemane, and He asaid to His disciples, Sit here while I pray.

33 And He took aPeter and James and John with Him and began to be 1awestruck and deeply distressed.

34 And He said to them, My soul is exceedingly asorrowful, even to death. Remain here and bwatch.

35 And going forward a little, He fell on the ground and aprayed that, if it were possible, the 1bhour would pass from Him.

36 And He said, aAbba Father, all things are bpossible to You; remove this ccup from Me; yet not what I dwill, but what 1You will.

37 And He came and found them sleeping. And He said to Peter, Simon, are you sleeping? Were you not able to watch for one hour?

38 aWatch and bpray that you may not come into ctemptation. The dspirit is willing, but the eflesh is weak.

39 And going away again, He prayed, saying the same thing.

40 And coming again, He found them sleeping, for their eyes were very heavy. And they did anot know what to answer Him.

41 And He came the third time and said to them, Are you still sleeping and resting? It is enough. The ahour has come; behold, the Son of Man is being bdelivered into the hands of sinners.

42 Arise, let us be going. Behold, the one betraying Me has drawn near.