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Mark 11:12Mark 11:26

B. Cursing the Fig Tree and Cleansing the Temple

12 1And on the next day, when athey had gone out from Bethany, He became bhungry.

13 And seeing at a distance a afig tree having leaves, He came to see if perhaps He would find anything on it. And when He came to it, He found nothing except bleaves, for it was not the season for figs.

14 And He answered and said to it, May 1no one eat fruit from you 2forever! And His disciples heard it.

15 And they came to Jerusalem. And He entered into the atemple and began to 1cast out those who were selling and those who were buying in the temple, and He overturned the tables of the bmoney changers and the seats of those who were selling the cdoves;

16 And He would not let anyone carry a vessel through the temple.

17 And He 1taught and said to them, Is it not written, "My house shall be called a house of aprayer for all the nations''? But you have made it a bden of robbers.

18 And the chief priests and the 1scribes heard this, and they asought how they might destroy Him, for they feared Him, for all the crowd was bastounded at His teaching.

19 And every day when evening fell, they went aoutside the city.

20 And as they passed by in the morning, they saw the afig tree bwithered from the roots.

21 And Peter remembered and said to Him, aRabbi, behold, the fig tree which You cursed has withered.

22 And Jesus answered and said to them, Have afaith in God.

23 Truly I say to you that whoever says to this amountain, Be taken up and cast into the bsea, and does not cdoubt in his heart, but believes that what he says happens, he will have it.

24 For this reason I say to you, All things that you pray and aask, believe that you have received them, and you will have them.

25 And when you astand praying, 1bforgive, if you have 2anything cagainst anyone, so that your dFather who is in the heavens may also forgive you your offenses.

26 1But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father who is in the heavens forgive your offenses.