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Mark 6:45Mark 6:52

8. Walking on the Sea

45 1And aimmediately He bcompelled His disciples to step into the boat and cgo before to the other side, toward dBethsaida, while He sent the crowd away.

46 And after He said farewell to them, He went away to the amountain to 1bpray.

47 And when evening fell, the aboat was in the midst of the sea and He was alone on the land.

48 And seeing them distressed as they rowed, for the wind was contrary to them, He came toward them about the fourth watch of the night, 1walking on the sea, and He intended to pass by them.

49 But when they saw Him walking on the sea, they thought that it was a ghost, and they cried out,

50 For they all saw Him and were astartled. But bimmediately He spoke with them and said to them, Take ccourage. 1It is I. Do not be dafraid.

51 And He went up unto them into the boat, and the wind aceased. And they were greatly bastonished in themselves beyond measure,

52 For they did not aunderstand concerning the loaves, but rather their heart was hardened.