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Mark 1:29Mark 1:39

4. Healing the Sick

29 And immediately, going out of the synagogue, they came into the ahouse of Simon and Andrew with James and John.

30 And Simon's amother-in-law was lying down with a 1fever, and bimmediately they told Him about her.

31 And He came to her and raised her up, aholding her hand, and the fever 1left her, and she 2served them.

32 And when evening fell and the sun had set, they brought to Him all those who were ill and those who were demon possessed.

33 And the whole city was agathered together at the door.

34 And He 1healed many who were ill with various adiseases, and He 2cast out many demons and did bnot allow the demons to speak, because 3they cknew Him.

35 And rising very aearly in the morning, while it was still night, He went out and went away to a deserted place, and there He 1bprayed.

36 And Simon and those with him hunted for Him,

37 And they found Him and said to Him, All are seeking You.

38 And He said to them, Let us go aelsewhere into the nearby towns that I may 1bpreach there also, because for 2this purpose I ccame out.

39 And He went preaching in their asynagogues in the whole of Galilee and casting out the demons.