The New Testament
Recovery Version Online

Table of Contents




  1. Introduction -- To Those Called, Beloved, and Kept vv. 1-2
  2. Contending for the Faith v. 3
  3. Heresies of the Apostates v. 4
  4. Historical Examples of the Lord's Judgment upon Apostasy vv. 5-7
  5. The Evils of the Apostates and Their Punishment under the Lord's Judgment vv. 8-19
  6. Charges to the Believers vv. 20-23
    1. To Build Up Themselves upon the Most Holy Faith and to Live in the Triune God vv. 20-21
    2. To Care for Others with Mercy in Fear vv. 22-23
  7. Conclusion -- Praise to Him Who Is Able to Guard and Set the Believers before His Glory vv. 24-25