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Revelation Outline
Revelation 22:1

1 And 1he ashowed me a 2briver of 3cwater of life, bright as 4dcrystal, eproceeding out of the 5fthrone of God and of the Lamb in the middle of its 6gstreet.

16 The street of the holy city is pure gold (21:21). Gold symbolizes the divine nature. That the river of water of life proceeds "in the middle of its street" signifies that the divine life flows in the divine nature as the unique way for the daily life of God's redeemed people. Where the divine life flows, there the divine nature is as the holy way by which God's people walk; and where the holy way of the divine nature is, there the divine life is flowing. The divine life and the divine nature as the holy way always go together. Thus, God's river of water of life is available along this divine way, and we enjoy the river by walking in this way of life.