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Revelation 22:1

1 And 1he ashowed me a 2briver of 3cwater of life, bright as 4dcrystal, eproceeding out of the 5fthrone of God and of the Lamb in the middle of its 6gstreet.

13 The water of life is a symbol of God in Christ as the Spirit flowing Himself into His redeemed people to be their life and life supply. It is typified by the water that came out of the riven rock (Exo. 17:6; Num. 20:11) and symbolized by the water that flowed out of the pierced side of the Lord Jesus (John 19:34). Here, the water of life becomes a river, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb to supply and saturate the entire New Jerusalem. Thus this city is filled with the divine life that it may express God in His glory of life.