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Revelation Outline
Revelation 21:1

1 And I saw a 1anew heaven and a new earth; for the 2bfirst heaven and the first earth passed away, and the 3sea is no more.

11 In eternity past God purposed to have a corporate expression that He might be fully expressed and glorified (Eph. 3:9-11; 1:9-12). For this, He created the heavens, the earth, and mankind. After the creation of the world, there are four dispensations: the dispensation of the patriarchs, from Adam to Moses (Rom. 5:14); the dispensation of law, from Moses to Christ (John 1:17); the dispensation of grace, from Christ's first coming to the restoration of all things at Christ's second coming (Acts 3:20-21); and the dispensation of the kingdom, from Christ's second coming to the end of the millennium (11:15; 20:4, 6). God uses these four dispensations to perfect and complete His chosen people that they may be His eternal corporate expression for the accomplishing of His purpose. All four dispensations belong to the old heaven and old earth. Although the dispensation of the kingdom is the dispensation of restoration, it still will take place in the old heaven and old earth, because God's perfecting and completing work in His chosen people will not be finished until the end of that dispensation. When God finishes this work through the dispensation of the kingdom, the old heaven and old earth will pass away through fire and be renewed to become the new heaven and new earth (2 Pet. 3:10-13), into which the New Jerusalem will come to be God's eternal expression.