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Revelation 1:10

10 I was in 1aspirit on the 2Lord's Day and heard behind me a loud voice like a btrumpet,

101 This book stresses not only the Spirit of God as the sevenfold intensified Spirit for God's intensified move, but also our human spirit as the organ for us to realize and respond to God's move. Only spirit (our spirit) can respond to Spirit (God's Spirit). This book is composed of four major visions: (1) the vision of the churches (chs. 1--3), (2) the vision of the destiny of the world (chs. 4--16), (3) the vision of Babylon the Great (chs. 17--20), and (4) the vision of the New Jerusalem (chs. 21--22). John was in his spirit when he saw these four visions (v. 10; 4:2; 17:3; 21:10); that is, he received the revelation of the mystery of Christ in his spirit, according to what is mentioned in Eph. 3:5. We too need to be in our spirit to see the visions in this book. It is a matter not merely of mental understanding in our mind but of spiritual realization in our spirit.