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Revelation Outline
Revelation 1:1

1 The 1arevelation of Jesus Christ which God gave to Him to bshow to His cslaves the things that must quickly take place; and He made it known by 2dsigns, sending it by His eangel to His slave John,

12 The revelation of this book is composed mainly of signs, i.e., symbols with spiritual significance, such as the seven lampstands, signifying the churches; the seven stars, signifying the messengers of the churches (v. 20), etc. Even the New Jerusalem is a sign, signifying the ultimate consummation of God's economy (chs. 21--22). This book, then, is a book of signs through which the revelation is made known to us.

John's Gospel is a book of signs signifying how Christ came to be our life to produce the church, His bride. John's Revelation is a book of signs showing how Christ is now caring for the church and how He is coming to judge and possess the earth and bring the church, His bride, into God's full economy.