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Jude Outline
Jude 1:12

12 These are the 1hidden reefs in your 2love feasts, afeasting together with you without fear, 3bshepherding themselves; 4cwaterless clouds being carried off by dwinds; 5autumn trees ewithout fruit, having died twice, frooted up;

121 The Greek word means a rock. It "may allude here to a sunken rock with the sea over it" (Darby); hence, hidden reefs. The Greek word for spots in 2 Pet. 2:13 is very similar to the word here for hidden reefs; hence, some translations render this word spots. Actually, these two words refer to two different things. The spots are defects on the surface of precious stones; the hidden reefs are at the bottom of the water. The early heretics were not only spots on the surface but also hidden reefs at the bottom, both of which were a damage to the believers in Christ.