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3 John Outline
3 John 1:9

9 I wrote something to the 1church; but 2Diotrephes, who loves 3to be afirst among them, does not 4receive us.

93 This is against the words of the Lord in Matt. 20:25-27 and 23:8-11, which keep all His believers on the same level, that of brothers. In 2 John 9 the Cerinthian Gnostics took the lead to advance in doctrine beyond the teaching concerning Christ. Here in 3 John 9 is one who was under the influence of Gnostic heretical doctrine and loved to be first in the church. The former was a matter of intellectual arrogance; the latter, of self-exaltation in one's actions. These two evils are sharp weapons used by God's enemy, Satan, to execute his evil plot against God's economy. One damages the believers' faith in the divine reality; the other frustrates the believers' work in God's move.