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2 John Outline
2 John 1:13

13 The 1children of your achosen 2sister greet you.

131 This indicates what an intimate fellowship with the church members and what an endearing care for them the aged elder had.

In carrying out his mending ministry with the divine life of the Triune God, the aged apostle John's endearing care for the believers was that the believers would walk in God's truth. God's truth is that the Triune God was incarnated to be the God-man, Christ, who had both divinity and humanity, who through crucifixion accomplished eternal redemption and through resurrection became the all-inclusive life-giving Spirit as the ultimate expression of the processed Triune God, to be received by those who repent and believe in Him, as their life and as their everything. The aged apostle's desire was that the believers would love one another in this truth by the divine love of the Triune God to express Him. This truth, this reality, became the genuineness in the apostle's walk, the divine virtue expressed in his redeemed humanity. He loved the believers whom he cared for, in the genuineness of the divine virtue. His love toward the believers was his living, in which the reality, the truth, of the Triune God was joined to the love of the Triune God. Based on this love, he also earnestly hoped that the believers whom he cared for would be the same as he, that they would love one another and have nothing to do with the heretics, those who went beyond the truth concerning the Trinity. The aged apostle's desire was that the believers whom he cared for would remain continually in the divine truth to enjoy the Father and the Son by the Spirit unto eternity.