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2 John Outline
2 John 1:1

1 The 1aelder to the bchosen 2lady and to her children, whom I clove in 3dtruthfulness, and not only I but also all 4those who know the 5truth,

15 Denoting the divine reality of the gospel (see note 66 in 1 John 1), especially concerning the person of Christ as revealed in John's Gospel and first Epistle, that is, that Christ is both God and man, having both deity and humanity, possessing both the divine nature and the human nature, to express God in human life and to accomplish redemption with divine power in human flesh for fallen human beings that He may impart the divine life into them and bring them into an organic union with God. The second and third Epistles of John stress this truth. The second warns the faithful believers against receiving those who do not abide in this truth — in the teaching concerning Christ. The third encourages the believers to receive and help those who work for this truth.