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2 John Outline
2 John 1:1

1 The 1aelder to the bchosen 2lady and to her children, whom I clove in 3dtruthfulness, and not only I but also all 4those who know the 5truth,

13 The same as the Greek word for truth. According to John's usage of this word, especially in his Gospel, here it denotes the revealed divine reality — the Triune God dispensed into man in the Son, Jesus Christ — becoming man's genuineness and sincerity, that man may live a life that corresponds with the divine light (John 3:19-21) and worship God, as God seeks, according to what He is (John 4:23-24). This is the virtue of God (Rom. 3:7; 15:8) becoming our virtue, by which we love the believers (see note 66 point 7, in 1 John 1). In such genuineness the apostle John, who lived in the divine reality of the Trinity, loved the one to whom he wrote.