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2 John Outline
2 John 1:1

1 The 1aelder to the bchosen 2lady and to her children, whom I clove in 3dtruthfulness, and not only I but also all 4those who know the 5truth,

12 Gk. kuria, the feminine form of kurios, which means lord, master. There are different interpretations of the word here. The most preferred is as follows: it refers to a Christian sister of some prominence in the church, as does co-chosen in 1 Pet. 5:13. Kuria might have been her name, since it was a common name at that time. Some mention that according to history she lived near Ephesus and that her sister (v. 13) lived in Ephesus, where the church was under John's care. There was a church in her locality, and it met in her home.