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Matthew 22:42

42 Saying, What do you think concerning the 1Christ? Whose son is He? They said to Him, aDavid's.

421 As portrayed in 21:23--22:46, during His last visit to Jerusalem, the center of Judaism, Christ was surrounded by the chief priests, elders, Pharisees, Herodians, and Sadducees, along with a lawyer, all of whom endeavored to ensnare Him by asking puzzling and insidious questions. First, the chief priests, representing the authority of the Jewish religion, and the elders, representing the authority of the Jewish people, asked Him concerning His authority (21:23). Their question was according to their religious concept. Second, the Pharisees, the fundamentalists, and the Herodians, who were zealous in politics, asked Him a question related to politics. Third, the Sadducees, the modernists, questioned Him concerning fundamental belief. Fourth, a self-approved lawyer asked Him a question concerning the law. After answering all their questions wisely, He asked them a question concerning the Christ. This is the question of questions. Their questions were related to religion, politics, belief, and the law. His question was concerning the Christ, who is the center of all things. They knew religion, politics, belief, and the law, but they paid no attention to Christ. Hence, He asked them, "What do you think concerning the Christ?" This question of questions must be answered by everyone.