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1 John Outline
1 John 4:8

8 He who adoes not love has 1not bknown God, because God is 2clove.

82 See note 52 in ch. 2. This Epistle says first that God is light (1:5) and then that God is love. Love, as the nature of God's essence, is the source of grace, and light, as the nature of God's expression, is the source of truth. When the divine love appears to us, it becomes grace, and when the divine light shines upon us, it becomes truth (see note 66 final par., in ch. 1). Both of these were manifested in this way in John's Gospel. We received both grace and truth there through the manifestation of the Son (John 1:14, 16-17). Now in John's Epistle we come in the Son to the Father and touch the sources of both grace and truth. These sources, love and light, are God the Father Himself for our deeper and finer enjoyment in the fellowship of the divine life with the Father in the Son (1:3-7) through our abiding in Him (2:5, 27-28; 3:6, 24). See note 53 in ch. 1.