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Titus Outline
Titus 3:5

5 Not out of 1aworks in brighteousness which we did but according to His 2cmercy He dsaved us, through the 3ewashing of 4fregeneration and the grenewing of the 5Holy hSpirit,

55 In 1 Timothy the church is stressed (1 Tim. 3:15-16), in 2 Timothy the Scripture (2 Tim. 3:15-16), and in Titus the Holy Spirit. The church is the house of the living God, expressing God in the flesh, and is the pillar and base of the truth, the divine reality of the great mystery — God manifested in the flesh. The Scripture is the breath of God, containing and conveying His divine essence for our nourishing and equipping to make us perfect and complete for His use. The Holy Spirit is the divine person, washing and renewing us in the divine element to make us a new creation with the divine nature, that we might be heirs of God in His eternal life, inheriting all the riches of the Triune God.