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Titus Outline
Titus 1:1

1 Paul, a aslave of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ baccording to the 1cfaith of God's 2dchosen ones and the 3efull knowledge of the truth, which is 4faccording to godliness,

13 See note 42 in 1 Tim. 2. Paul was an apostle not only according to the faith but also according to the full knowledge of the truth. Faith is to receive all God has planned for us, all God has done for us, and all God has given to us. The full knowledge of the truth is a thorough apprehension of the truth, a full acknowledgment and appreciation of the reality of all the spiritual and divine things that we have received through faith. Apostleship is according to such an apprehension and appreciation of the reality of God's eternal economy.