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2 Timothy Outline
2 Timothy 3:16

16 1All aScripture is 2God-breathed and profitable for bteaching, for 3conviction, for 4correction, for 5instruction in righteousness,

161 Or, Every Scripture God-breathed is also profitable. To confront the death, corruption, and confusion in the church's decline, the eternal life, on which ch. 1 is based (1:1, 10), the divine truth, emphasized in ch. 2 (2:15, 18, 25), and the holy Scripture, highly regarded in ch. 3 (3:14-17), are all needed. The eternal life not only swallows up death but also renders the life supply; the divine truth replaces the vanity of corruption with the reality of all the divine riches; and the holy Scripture not only dispels the confusion but also furnishes divine light and revelation. Hence, in this book the apostle stressed these three things.