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1 Timothy Outline
1 Timothy 6:19

19 aLaying away for themselves a good bfoundation as a ctreasure for the 1future, that they may lay dhold on 2that which is really life.

192 I.e., the eternal life referred to in v. 12. Material riches are for the human natural life in this age, a life that is temporal and, hence, not real. If we do good with material things, we will accomplish something for the real life, laying away a treasure for our enjoyment in the eternal life in the next age. This requires that we lay hold on God's eternal life, which is the real life. Otherwise, we will lay hold on our human natural life in laying away a treasure of material riches in this age for a life that is not real. We should care for the eternal life rather than the natural life. Both v. 12 and this verse stress the eternal life of God. This indicates that the divine life is a factor that is crucial and vital to our Christian life.