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2 Thessalonians Outline
2 Thessalonians 2:1

1 Now we ask you, brothers, 1with regard to the 2acoming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our bgathering together 3to Him,

12 Gk. parousia, meaning presence. See notes 191 in 1 Thes. 2 and 33 in Matt. 24. Two matters are covered here: the Lord's parousia (presence) and our gathering together (rapture) to Him. The Lord's parousia will begin with the rapture of the overcomers to the throne of God in heaven (Rev. 12:5-6); at the end of the great tribulation, which will occur in the last three and a half years of this age, the second half of the last week in Dan. 9:27 (Matt. 24:21 and note; Rev. 11:2 and note 4), it will come to the air (Rev. 10:1 and note 2) and last for a time; and it will end with its manifestation, "the manifestation of His parousia" (v. 8; Matt. 24:30 and note 4). During the time in which the Lord's parousia remains in the air, the majority of the believers will be raptured to meet the Lord there (1 Thes. 4:17). According to the context, the day of the Lord in v. 2 refers to the day of the Lord's parousia (coming), in which the rapture of the majority of the believers will occur. Verse 3 tells us affirmatively that before that day Antichrist will be revealed to play the major role in the great tribulation (v. 4; Rev. 13:1-8, 12-15). This reveals clearly and definitely that the Lord's coming (parousia) to the air and the rapture of the majority of the believers cannot take place before the great tribulation.