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Matthew 2:23

23 And he came and settled in a city called 1aNazareth, so that what was spoken through the 2prophets might be bfulfilled, He shall be called a 3Nazarene.

233 The word prophets, in plural, indicates that this is not a particular prophecy but a summary of the significance of several prophecies, such as the one in Psa. 22:6-7. The title Nazarene may refer to the Branch in Isa. 11:1, which in Hebrew is netzer. The Branch there, signifying Christ, is a twig out of the stem of Jesse, the father of David. By the time Jesus was born, the throne of David had been overthrown. This means that the royal stem of David had been cut off. Now a new twig sprouted from the stump of Jesse and grew out of his roots. The sprouting and growing of this twig were in a situation of humiliation. Jesus was not born in a recognized and honored royal home, nor did He grow up in a renowned city such as Jerusalem. Rather, He was born in a poor home and grew up in a despised town. All this made Him a Nazarene, a Branch — not a lofty branch of a stately tree, but a seemingly insignificant twig from the stump of Jesse.