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Colossians Outline
Colossians 3:4

4 When 1Christ our 2alife is bmanifested, then you also will be manifested with Him in cglory.

42 In God, Christ is our life. This life is now hidden but will be manifested. Then we will be manifested with this life in glory.

In 2:20--3:4 the unique way and the unique person are revealed to us. The unique way is the cross, the center of God's government, and the unique person is Christ, the preeminent, all-inclusive One, the center of the universe. By the cross, not by asceticism, we were saved from the negative things. By Christ, not by philosophy, we live the life hidden in God.

Christ, who is our life, is the allotted portion of the saints (1:12), the image of the invisible God (1:15), the Firstborn of all creation (1:15), the Firstborn from the dead (1:18), the One in whom God's fullness dwells (1:19; 2:9), the mystery of God's economy (1:26), the mystery of God (2:2), the reality of all positive things (2:16-17), and the constituent of the new man (vv. 10-11). By taking such an all-inclusive Christ as life and thus living Him, we experience and enjoy all His riches.