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Matthew Outline
Matthew 15:26

26 But He answered and said, It is not good to take the children's 1bread and throw it to the 2little adogs.

261 The heavenly King's ministry in all His visits created opportunities for Him to reveal Himself further. In the situations created in chs. 9 and 12, He had opportunities to reveal Himself as the Physician, the Bridegroom, the new cloth, the new wine, the Shepherd, the real David, the greater temple, the Lord of the harvest, the One who is more than Jonah, and the One who is more than Solomon. Here another opportunity was created for Him to reveal Himself, this time as the children's bread. The Canaanite woman considered Him the Lord — a divine person — and the Son of David — a royal descendant, great and high in His reign. But He unveiled Himself to her as small pieces of bread, good for food. This implies that as the heavenly King, He rules over His people by feeding them with Himself as bread. We can be the proper people in His kingdom only by being nourished with Him as our food. To eat Christ as our supply is the way to be the kingdom people in the reality of the kingdom.