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Ephesians Outline
Ephesians 4:5

5 One 1aLord, one 2bfaith, one cbaptism;

51 This verse does not say "one Son," but "one Lord." In the Gospel of John it is the Son into whom we believe (John 3:16), but in the Acts it is the Lord into whom we believe (Acts 16:31). In the Epistles of John, the Son is for the imparting of life (1 John 5:12), whereas in the Acts, the Lord, after His ascension, is for the exercising of authority (Acts 2:36), a matter which concerns His headship. Hence, our believing in Him is related to both life and authority, for He is both our life and our Head. As the Head of the Body (1:22), He is the Lord. Christians are divided because they neglect the Head; that is, they neglect the Lord's headship and authority.