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Ephesians Outline
Ephesians 1:22

22 And He 1asubjected all things under His feet and 2gave Him to be bHead over all things 3to the 4cchurch,

222 Fourth, God's power that He caused to operate in Christ gave Christ to be Head over all things to the church. Christ's headship over all things is a gift from God to Him. It was through God's surpassingly great power that Christ received the headship in the universe.

It was as a man, in His humanity with His divinity, that Christ was raised from the dead, was seated in the heavenlies, had all things subjected to Him, and was given to be Head over all things.

Thus, there are four aspects of the power that operated in Christ: resurrection power (v. 20a), ascending power (v. 20b), subjecting power (v. 22a), and heading-up power (v. 22b). This fourfold power is transmitted to the church, the Body of the Head.