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Ephesians 1:14

14 Who is the 1apledge of our 2binheritance 3unto the 4credemption of the 5acquired dpossession, to the 6epraise of His glory.

146 This is the third time a phrase like this is used, this time as an ending to this section (vv. 3-14) concerning God's blessings given to us. Verses 3-6 disclose what God the Father planned for us, that is, to choose us and predestinate us unto sonship to the praise of the glory of His grace. Verses 7-12 reveal how God the Son accomplished what God the Father planned, that is, to redeem us and make us God's inheritance to the praise of His glory. Verses 13-14 tell us how God the Spirit applies to us what God the Son accomplished, that is, to seal us and be the guarantee and foretaste of our eternal, divine inheritance to the praise of God's glory. In the blessings God bestows on us, the glory of the Triune God deserves the threefold praise.