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Ephesians 1:1

1 1Paul, an aapostle of Christ Jesus through the 2will of God, to the 3bsaints who are 4in cEphesus and are 5dfaithful in Christ Jesus:

11 This book speaks particularly of the church and unveils the church in its seven aspects as (1) the Body of Christ, the fullness, the expression, of the One who fills all in all (v. 23; 4:13); (2) the new man (2:15), a corporate man, having not only the life of Christ but also His person; (3) the kingdom of God (2:19), with the saints as citizens possessing its rights and bearing its responsibilities; (4) the household of God (2:19), a family full of life and enjoyment; (5) the dwelling place of God, in which He may live (2:21-22) — universally, a holy temple in the Lord, and locally, the dwelling place of God in our spirit; (6) the bride, the wife, of Christ (5:24-25) for Christ's rest and satisfaction; and (7) the warrior (6:11-12), a corporate fighter, who deals with and defeats God's enemy to accomplish God's eternal purpose.

A particular characteristic of this book is that it speaks from the viewpoint of God's eternal purpose, from eternity, and from the heavenlies. It is positioned in the New Testament immediately after the revelation concerning Christ versus religion (Galatians). It is followed by a book on the practical experience of Christ (Philippians), and it leads to Christ, the Head (Colossians). Thus, these four books are the heart of the New Testament revelation concerning God's eternal economy.