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Matthew 2:2

2 Saying, Where is He who has been born 1aKing of the Jews? For we saw His 2bstar at its rising and have come to cworship Him.

22 The Jews had the Scriptures concerning Christ. The magi from the east saw Christ's star (Num. 24:17). The Jews had mental knowledge in dead letters concerning Christ, whereas the magi received a living vision concerning Him. After receiving the living vision, the magi were misled by their human concept and went to Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish nation, where its king was presumed to be. Their being misled caused many young boys to be killed (v. 16). After the magi were corrected by the Scriptures (vv. 4-6), they went to Bethlehem (vv. 8-9), and the star appeared to them again and led them to the place where Christ was (vv. 9-10).