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2 Corinthians 1:22

22 He who has also 1asealed us and given the Spirit in our 2hearts as a 3bpledge.

223 The seal is a mark that marks us out as God's inheritance, God's possession, as those who belong to God. The pledge is an earnest, guaranteeing that God is our inheritance, or possession, and belongs to us (see note 141 in Eph. 1). The Spirit within us is the pledge, an earnest, of God as our portion in Christ.

God's attaching us to Christ issues in three things: (1) an anointing that imparts God's elements into us; (2) a sealing that forms the divine elements into an impression to express God's image; and (3) a pledging that gives us a foretaste as a sample and guarantee of the full taste of God. Through these three experiences of the anointing Spirit, with the experience of the cross, the ministry of Christ is produced.