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1 Corinthians 14:39

39 So then, my brothers, 1adesire earnestly the bprophesying, and 1do not forbid the speaking in tongues.

391 Actually, this entire chapter deals with prophesying and speaking in tongues. Since prophesying is the most profitable gift for building up both the saints and the church with the rich ministry of Christ, it was highly esteemed and promoted by the apostle. Since speaking in tongues affords no profit for building up, the apostle was faithful to expose its lesser value. Both the apostle's esteeming and his exposing were according to his concern for the fulfilling of God's purpose in building up the church with the riches of Christ. At the conclusion of this chapter he still charged us to desire earnestly to prophesy for God's building. However, in order to keep the all-inclusiveness and oneness of the church, he also charged us not to forbid speaking in tongues.