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1 Corinthians Outline
1 Corinthians 14:34

34 The awomen should be silent 1bin the churches, for they are not permitted to 2speak; but they should be csubject, even as the 3dlaw also says.

342 According to 11:5, women may prophesy (of course, in public) with their head covered, and Acts 2:17-18 and 21:9 confirm that women did prophesy. But 1 Tim. 2:12 says that women are not permitted to teach, that is, teach as authorities (there, teaching is related to the exercising of authority), so as to define doctrine. Hence, according to the New Testament principle, for women not to be permitted to speak in the church meetings means that women are not permitted to teach with authority in relation to the defining of doctrine. In this sense they should be silent in the church meetings. They are not permitted to speak, because they should be subject to men. This is related to the matter of authority ordained by God in His government. In God's governmental ordination, women are not permitted to speak with authority over men. They may pray and prophesy, that is, (mainly) speak for the Lord and speak forth the Lord. However, they must do this under the covering of the brothers, because they are charged here to be subject.