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1 Corinthians 14:15

15 What then? I will pray with the aspirit, and I will pray 1also 2with the mind; I will bsing with the spirit, and I will csing 1also 2with the mind.

152 This does not mean to pray with the mind only and not at all with the spirit. In Eph. 6:18 the apostle charged us to pray at every time in spirit. Prayer is worship, which should be in spirit (John 4:24). When we pray with the spirit, not in an unknown tongue but in understandable words, our mind is automatically used to interpret and express the thought of the spirit. What the apostle meant here is that in the church meeting, for the profit of all the attendants, we should pray with our mind in intelligible words (v. 19) to express the burden in our spirit. In a church meeting our prayer not only should be heard by the Lord for His answer but also should be intelligible to all the attendants for their profit. For this purpose we should learn to use our mind in public prayer just as we use our spirit, training our mind to cooperate with our spirit, even to be one with our spirit, that the spirit may become the spirit of our mind (Eph. 4:23).