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Romans Outline
Romans 16:27

27 To the aonly 1wise God through Jesus Christ, to Him be the bglory forever and ever. Amen.

271 See note 332 in ch. 11. In its conclusion this book, which gives a general discussion concerning the Christian life and the church life, gives glory to the wise God. This unveils that all the matters discussed in this book, such as how God selects us, how He saves us from sin and death, how He redeems us and justifies us, how He makes us, sinners who were dead through and through, His divine sons, how He transfers us out of Adam into Christ, how He sanctifies and transforms us in Christ, how He makes us the members of Christ for the constituting of the Body of Christ, and how He causes us to be the local churches appearing in different localities as the expressions of the Body of Christ on the earth in this age — all these matters are planned, managed, and accomplished by God's wisdom, in order that He, the unlimitedly rich Triune God, may be glorified, that is, that His incomparable glory may be completely and fully expressed through us who have been perfected eternally by Him and who have become His Body and have been joined to Him as one. The focus of God's wisdom is the working of His Divine Trinity into the three parts — spirit, soul, and body — of our redeemed being that in His redemption, sanctification, and transformation we may have a full union in the divine life with Him, that His desire for the mingling of divinity and humanity, the joining of humanity to divinity, may be fulfilled for eternity. This truly is worthy of our appreciation and worship! How blessed and how glorious it is that we can participate in this! This is worthy of our unceasing singing and praise for eternity! Both our Christian life and our church life should have this as our center and goal. May God bless in this way everyone who has been chosen and perfected by Him.

Through God's divine dispensing in us and His divine union with us, we can experience and enjoy the saving in Christ's life in God's full salvation (see note 102 in ch. 5), as conveyed to us in this book, in the following aspects:

(1) By the abundance of grace (God Himself) and of the gift of righteousness (Christ Himself) which we received, we are able to reign in Christ's divine life (5:17) over sin, death, the old man, the flesh, Satan, the world, and all persons, matters, and things that do not submit to God.

(2) God's holy nature sanctifies our worldly disposition (6:19, 22; 15:16). God sanctifies us dispositionally out of His divine life and unto His divine life that we may enjoy more of His divine life.

(3) The indwelling law of the Spirit of life, that is, the automatic and spontaneous working of the Triune God as life in us, frees us from the law of sin and of death, the slavery and bondage of sin (8:2, 11). The operation of this law comes out of God's divine life, and it also causes the increase of the divine life in us.

(4) The Divine Trinity's divine dispensing in our spirit, soul, and body causes these three parts to be saturated with the processed divine life (8:5-11), with the result that our entire being is completely united with the processed Triune God and mingled with Him as one.

(5) The renewing of our mind by the Spirit results in the transformation of our soul, which saves us from being conformed to the modern style of the world (12:2) and issues in all the virtues and the overcoming, mentioned in chs. 12--16, as our daily life, a life of the highest standard, and as our church life, a life that is all-overcoming.

(6) By the renewing of our mind and the transformation of our soul, we become members one of another with all believers in the Body of Christ and are built up together as the Body of Christ and thereby have the service of the Body (12:1, 3-8). This is the crystallization of our experience of the saving in Christ's life.

(7) Based on the revelation and teaching in chs. 14--16 of this book, we live the life of the local church in different localities as the appearance of the Body of Christ, the universal church, in different localities.

(8) By becoming the built-up church, a church against which the gates of Hades cannot prevail, in different localities, we afford God the opportunity to crush Satan under our feet that we may enjoy Christ as our rich grace and the God of peace as our surpassing peace (16:20).

(9) In our experience of the various aspects of the saving in the divine life, as mentioned above, we are being conformed to the image of the firstborn Son of God (8:28-29) through the "all things" arranged under God's sovereignty, so that we have His divine attributes and His human virtues and thereby express the glory and beauty of Him, the God-man.

(10) In the process of our experience of the saving in the divine life, the splendor of the divine life gradually saturates us until it saturates our body, issuing in the redemption of our body (8:23), that our spirit, soul, and body may all enter into the glory of God (8:30, 17). This glorification is the peak attained in us by the saving in the divine life, and it is the climax of God's full salvation.