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Romans Outline
Romans 1:20

20 For the invisible things of Him, both His eternal power and 1divine characteristics, have been clearly seen since the creation of the world, 2abeing perceived by the things made, so that they would be without excuse;

201 Gk. theiotes, denoting God's attributes, which are the special features, the characteristics, as the outward manifestations of God's nature or substance. It is different from theotes in Col. 2:9, which denotes God's Godhead and person. The characteristics of God's nature can be verified through the created things; however, the created things cannot manifest God's Godhead and person. Only the living person of Jesus Christ, the Word who is God and who declares God (John 1:1, 18), can express God's Godhead and person, that is, the very God, God Himself. Here, in this chapter, the apostle Paul speaks of the created things verifying God's existence, but what is verified are only the attributes and characteristics of God. In Col. 2:9 he speaks of Christ as the embodiment of God, and what is expressed is the Godhead and God's person, that is, God Himself.