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Acts Outline
Acts 26:18

18 To 1open their aeyes, to turn them from 2bdarkness to clight and from the 3authority of Satan 4to God, that they may receive 5dforgiveness of sins and 6an einheritance among those who have been 7sanctified by faith in Me.

181 This was to carry out the fulfillment of God's jubilee, the acceptable year of the Lord, proclaimed by the Lord Jesus in Luke 4:18-21 (see note 191 in Luke 4) according to God's New Testament economy. The first item of the spiritual and divine blessings of the New Testament jubilee, which are the blessings of the gospel of God, is to open the eyes of those who are fallen and turn them from darkness to light, that they may see the divine things in the spiritual realm. To see these things requires spiritual sight and divine light.