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Acts 3:20

20 So that seasons of 1refreshing may come from the presence of the 2Lord and that He may send the Christ, who has been previously aappointed for you, Jesus,

201 Lit., cooling, reviving; hence, relieving, refreshing. The seasons of refreshing denote a time of revival of all things with joy and rest, referring to the times of restoration of all things in v. 21, which will be brought in by the coming of the Messiah in His glory, as taught and prophesied by the Savior in Matt. 19:28 (see note 1 there). It seems that Peter's word skips over the church age and goes directly from the time of Pentecost to the millennium. This may indicate that Peter did not have a clear vision concerning the church age in God's New Testament economy. The entire New Testament reveals that before the seasons of refreshing, the church occupies a considerable period of time in God's dispensation.