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Acts Outline
Acts 2:42

42 And they continued steadfastly in the 1teaching and the fellowship of the apostles, in the abreaking of bread and the bprayers.

421 The first group of believers produced through the apostles' preaching and ministering of Christ on the day of Pentecost continued steadfastly in four things: teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayers. Teaching is the unveiling of God's New Testament economy concerning Christ and the church; fellowship is the communion and communication between the believers in their communion and communication with God the Father and Christ the Son; breaking of bread is the remembrance of the Lord in His accomplishing of God's full redemption; and prayer is cooperation with the Lord in heaven for the carrying out of God's New Testament economy on earth. The first two, teaching and fellowship, conjoined by and to be one group, are of the apostles, but breaking of bread and prayers are not, indicating that besides the teaching and fellowship of the apostles, the believers in Christ should not have any other teaching and fellowship. In God's New Testament economy there is only one category of teaching revealed and recognized by God — the teaching of the apostles — and only one category of fellowship that is of God and is acceptable to Him — the fellowship of the apostles, which is with the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ (1 John 1:3 and note 3), and which is the unique fellowship of the unique church, the Body of Christ. The last two, the breaking of bread and prayer, also conjoined by and to be another group, are practices of the believers in their Christian life and are not related directly to God's economy for the keeping of the oneness of the church, the Body of Christ. Hence, they are not of the apostles, who brought in God's New Testament revelation and His fellowship among all the believers in Christ.