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Acts 2:33

33 Therefore having been aexalted to the bright hand of God and having received the 1promise of the Holy cSpirit from the Father, He has dpoured out this which you both see and hear.

331 Not the promise given by the Holy Spirit but the promise given by the Father in Joel 2:29, quoted by Peter in v. 17 and referred to by the Lord in Luke 24:49 and in 1:4 of this book, concerning the Holy Spirit. The exalted Christ's receiving of the promise of the Holy Spirit was actually His receiving of the Holy Spirit Himself. Christ was conceived of the Spirit essentially for His existence in humanity (Luke 1:35; Matt. 1:18, 20) and was anointed with the Spirit economically for His ministry among men (Matt. 3:16; Luke 4:18). After His resurrection and ascension, He still needed to receive the Spirit economically again that He might pour Himself out upon His Body to carry out His heavenly ministry on earth for the accomplishing of God's New Testament economy.