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John 20:26

26 And 1after aeight days, His 2disciples were again within, and Thomas was with them. Jesus 3came, though the doors were shut, and stood in the midst and said, bPeace be to you.

263 After the Lord came in v. 19, eight days before, there is no plain word or hint in John's record that the Lord left the disciples. Actually, He stayed with them, though they were not conscious of His presence. Hence, His coming in v. 26 was actually His manifestation, His appearing (see note 12 in ch. 21). Before His death the Lord was in the flesh, and His presence was visible. After His resurrection the Lord became the Spirit, and His presence was invisible. His manifestations, or appearings, after His resurrection were to train the disciples to realize, to enjoy, and to practice His invisible presence, which is more available, prevailing, precious, rich, and real than His visible presence. In His resurrection this dear presence of His was just the Spirit, whom He had breathed into them and who would be with them all the time.