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John Outline
John 4:24

24 1God is 2Spirit, and those who 3worship Him must worship ain 4spirit and 5truthfulness.

245 According to the context of this chapter and the entire revelation of John's Gospel, truthfulness here denotes the divine reality becoming man's genuineness and sincerity (which are the opposite of the hypocrisy of the immoral Samaritan worshipper — vv. 16-18) for the true worship of God. The divine reality is Christ (who is the reality — 14:6) as the reality of all the offerings of the Old Testament for the worship of God (1:29; 3:14) and as the fountain of living water, the life-giving Spirit (vv. 7-15), partaken of and drunk by His believers to be the reality within them, which eventually becomes their genuineness and sincerity in which they worship God with the worship that He seeks. See note 66 in 1 John 1; Rom. 3:7; and note 82 in Rom. 15.