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John Outline
John 1:1

1 1aIn the beginning was the 2bWord, and the Word was 3with God, and the 4Word was 5cGod.

11 In the beginning means in eternity past. As the introduction to this Gospel, this chapter begins in eternity past with God, who had divinity but not humanity (v. 1); it then passes through His creation of all things (v. 3), His incarnation (v. 14), His becoming the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world (v. 29), and His being the Spirit who causes the believers to be transformed into living stones for His building (vv. 32, 42), and continues all the way to eternity future, in which the Son of Man, who has both divinity and humanity, is the center for the communication between heaven and earth and for the union of God and man in eternity. After this, ch. 2 shows that the principle of the Triune God as life is to change death into life (2:1-11) and that the purpose of life is to build the house, the temple, of God (2:13-22). In chs. 3--11, nine cases are given to illustrate how God as life meets the different needs of different kinds of people. As a result, in the beginning of ch. 12 a miniature of the church is produced (12:1-11). From 12:12 to the end of ch. 17 an explanation is given concerning how the church is produced through the multiplication and increase of the incarnated God-man by means of His death and resurrection. Chapters 18--20 show the accomplishing of the multiplication and increase, which causes Him to have many brothers (20:17) and enables Him to enter into them (20:22) to be their life and everything that they may be constituted His Body as His increase and expression. Finally, ch. 21 reveals that He will be with them in an invisible way until His coming back (21:22).