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Mark Outline
Mark 1:1

1 The 1beginning of the 2gospel of 3Jesus Christ, 4the aSon of God,

12 I.e., glad tidings, good news (Rom. 10:15). The gospel is the service (ministry) of the Slave-Savior as a Slave of God serving His people. Matthew begins with the kingly generations of Christ the King (Matt. 1:1-17); Luke, with a human genealogy of Jesus the man (Luke 3:23-38); and John, with the eternal origin of the Son of God (John 1:1-2); whereas Mark begins not with the origin of His person but with the beginning of the gospel, the service of Jesus as a lowly Slave of God (Phil. 2:7; Matt. 20:27-28). As a rule, the service, not the person, of a slave is notable. See note 11 in Matt. 1.