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Revelation Outline
Revelation 1:13 Revelation 1:16

13 And 1in the amidst of the lampstands One like the 2bSon of Man, clothed with a 3cgarment reaching to the feet, and 4dgirded about at the breasts with a golden egirdle.

14 And His head and 1ahair were as white as 2bwhite wool, as 2snow; and His 3ceyes were like a flame of 4dfire;

15 And His 1afeet were like shining 1bronze, as having been 2fired in a furnace; and His voice was like the 3bsound of many waters.

16 And He had in His right hand aseven 1stars; and out of His 2bmouth proceeded a 2sharp two-edged csword; and His 3dface shone as the sun shines in its power.