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Revelation Outline
Revelation 3:14

14 And to the messenger of the church in 1aLaodicea write: These things says the 2bAmen, the faithful and true cWitness, the 3dbeginning of the creation of God:

142 In addressing each of the seven churches, the Lord referred to what He is and what He does, respectively, according to the situation and condition of each. Here, in addressing the church in Laodicea, He referred to Himself as "the Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the beginning of the creation of God." Amen, from Hebrew, means firm, steadfast, or trustworthy. The Lord is the firm, steadfast, and trustworthy One. Hence, He is the faithful and true Witness. This indicates that the degraded church in Laodicea is not firm, steadfast, trustworthy, or faithful and true as the Lord's witness. The beginning of the creation of God refers to the Lord as the origin or source of God's creation, implying that the Lord is the unchanging and ever-existing source of God's work. This indicates that the degraded recovered church has changed by leaving the Lord as the source.